What’s at the Expo?

Formula Expo will feature an exciting array of exhibits, demonstrations and appearances from Formula 1™ celebrities. The Expo floor will consist of ZONES, showing different aspects of the sport, as well as exotic and classic road cars and zone dedicted to showcasing what makes Austin one of the most fun, successful, quirky, healthy and musical cities in America. The Expo will also feature a stage, a sports bar, and lots of interactive exhibits.



The Race Zone enables you to get get up-close with F1™ cars, and learn about how the driver and constructor championships work, including qualifying, in-race regulations, stewarding, and more.

You will see Formula 1 cars and exhibits from some of the leading teams including Ferrari, Williams and Lotus, plus others to be announced soon. You will be able to get close to the cars and see first-hand the complexities of design that make these cars so amazingly fast.


Take in the history of motor racing and the evolution of the sport using a display of historic cars, memorabilia and the legacy of past drivers. See how the cars, technology and safety have improved throughout the sport’s long history. Historic Grand Prix will be showing seven cars, including Mario Andretti’s Lotus 79, will be on display in the as well as a special area featuring cars from the Texas All British Car Days and content from the International Motor Racing Research Center in Watkins Glen, NY.
Lotus 79



Experience the thrill of virtual F1 racing through eight interactive simulators. Race against other competitors around simulated F1 tracks from all across the world. Racers with the fastest lap times each hour will be invited back to race head-to-head for a race winner’s trophy, and the fastest time of the weekend will receive the Formula Expo Championship Cup.
Become a member of an F1 team pit-crew through the Pit-Stop Challenge where individuals, friends, families and work-teams get to change wheels on an F1 car using air-guns as rapidly as they can, with prizes for fastest team.

Other Fun Zone activities include the opportunity to climb onto the winner’s podium and have your photograph taken holding an F1 trophy while wearing an F1 racing suit, as well as the chance to sit in an F1 show car. Younger attendees will enjoy the huge slot-car racing track they can race on. Then, keeping the competitive spirit alive, you can test your reflexes and peripheral vision against stats set by World F1 Champions, using the reflex trainer.



Stop by the Technology Zone and learn why Formula 1 is as much an engineering contest as it is a driver championship. The exhibits will highlight some of the cutting edge technologies used in the 2012 cars, plus some fascinating examples of how these racing technologies are used in everyday applications.
The zone will include illustrations and explanations of the key technologies including the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) which drivers use to boost power, the Drag Reduction System (DRS), steering wheel and the front wing. You will also see how the sport is going green through changes in regulations that will spur new technologies, as well as examples of how these racing technologies have found real world applications such as ABS, carbon fiber, telemetry, etc.





This area of Formula Expo will house exhibitors from both local Austin businesses and organizations. Participants in this zone include the Austin Music Commission, Austin Technology Council, Health Alliance Austin Musicians, Austin Economic Development Office and a number of local artists.

See some of the finest autos in the world from the world’s leading supercar manufacturers including Lotus, Ferrari, Bugatti, McLaren, Lamborghini and more!

Also in this zone you’ll have a chance to meet with various Texas Motorsports organizations.

The Expo Stage will feature live music from some of Austin’s best local bands as well educational presentations from members of the F1 community to help explain what makes F1 the world’s most exciting motorsport.
Grab a snack and enjoy an ice cold beer at our F1 themed sports bar or sample food from some of Austin’s most famous (and delicious) restaurants and sign-up to receive special discounts and coupons!


Note: Images shown are only intended as examples of proposed Expo content
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